Garbage Goat (FREE SHIPPING!)

  • $64.99

ITEM#: Garbage Goat:


  • Lightweight, yet very durable poly container construction
  • 2 styles of rubber coated hooks for different seat designs, stand on units, etc. included
  • Narrow & wide, dual-sided slide in hook locations for all high and low back seats
  • Industrial built-in magnets on the bottom for locking it on any mower or flat steel surface
  • Latch tight removable fitted lid with handles
  • Elastic top straps allow easy access while keeping trash inside at all times
  • 4-gallon trash bag fits inside if desired for fast & easy emptying
  • Drainage holes in the bottom
  • Also mounts on trailers, or locks down in steel pickup beds as well
  • Measures 12.5”Long x 8.5” wide x 11” tall
  • Patent pending
  • Game changing results in the field!

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