BPS100-Blower Rack. Plenty of Stock, Unbeatable Quality.

Our BPS100 will be arriving in our warehouse next month. We are currently taking pre orders for this item and we will be able to fill all orders after that as well. Our new BPS100 Xtreme Pro Series Blower Rack is made with 100% steel and aluminum extrusions. We manufacture all of our products with quality and security in mind. The new BPS100 works exceptionally well on open and enclosed trailers. With numerous mounting options you have the ability to choose how you want to mount it. For enclosed trailers there is no other blower rack of its kind. Easily navigate mowers and other large equipment without the burden of have to navigate around the blower rack. For open trailers you have the option of mounting on trailer corners, side to side or front to back, whichever you need to save space so you can get the job done. Thanks again for choosing Green Touch Indsutries/TrailerRacks.com and remember, #STAYORIGINAL.
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