Introducing the All New PATENT DESIGNED XB103 (Version 3)-Xtreme Pro Series Three Position Trimmer Rack!

With the spring season around the corner, security and organization are on everyone's' mind when gearing up for the season. You have come to the right place. Today we have released our brand new model trimmer rack, the XB103 (Version 3). This is THE fastest and most innovative trimmer rack on the market. PERIOD. No need for grinders or epoxy with these racks. These racks are designed to hold up to any amount of use and abuse right out of the box no matter if you are a part timer or full timer in the landscaping and lawn care industry. The new features include, a vinyl coated securing handle, a fully automated locking spring actuator mechanism, improved powder coating to prevent fading, a stainless steel lock and removal of thumb latches for increased speed between jobs. Make the right choice and choose the company that has been around for 31+ years to lock and organize your equipment. Thanks for choosing to #STAYORIGNAL and joining the #GREENTOUCHARMY !
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