Our Customers and Family Members are Real Customers, Not Paid Affiliates

Good or bad our reviews are from real customers and honest family members of the Green Touch Family. We promise to fix any manufacturing issue and stand behind our product 100%. We do not ask or pay customers to remove negative comments from social media or any other platform. We also do not pay our sponsors money to voice positive opinions about our products. This coming spring once the season is back in full swing we will have more inventory in stock than ever before. Best of all we are always listening to customer suggestions and are constantly redesigning our racks to deliver quality products that our customers want to run their equipment with. Thanks for being a part of the Green Touch Extended Family and remember #STAYORIGINAL.
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Had a wonderful experience with this company and I would just like to express my appreciation to Joanne for handling a service issue with so much class. The product is higher quality than I was even expecting. This company has been around a long time for a reason. The personal and products are second to none. It was my first experience with this company and I am very impressed. Great job you guys. Chuck

Chuck Stephenitch

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