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Backpack Blower Rack | Xtreme Pro Series | BPS100

Backpack Blower Rack | Xtreme Pro Series | BPS100

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Backpack Blower Rack

Item #: BPS100

Xtreme Pro Series

ATTENTION: Includes Includes all mounting hardware for open and enclosed trailers, trucks, and garages, 2 (two) black securing bars, 1 (one) large and 1 (one) small.

Welcome to the Xtreme Pro Series Backpack Blower Rack by Green Touch Industries - the pinnacle solution for secure and hassle-free equipment transport.


  • Effortless Setup: Easily mount on enclosed trailers, utility trailers, or trucks without complicated DIY procedures.

  • Secure Gear Handling: Our rack includes sturdy hardware, securing both enclosed trimmers and open trailers, serving as the ultimate Stihl backpack blower hanger.

  • Swift Installation: Perfect for professional landscapers with quick-release features and easy setup, saving time and streamlining tool access.

  • Enhanced Durability and Design: Improved powder coating offers a sleek look and unparalleled toughness. Aluminum mounting blocks not only add stability but also elevate the style.

  • Universal Fit: Accommodates all commercial blower makes and models, making it the go-to blower rack for all applications.

  • Unmatched Security and Style: Elevate your equipment’s safety and appearance with the Xtreme Pro Series backpack blower rack, ensuring top-notch security and organization.


    While our lockable racks serve as theft deterrents, it's essential to recognize that all lockable items can be unlocked or damaged with the right tools, motivation, and time.

    Here are some potential occurrences to be aware of:

    • Location Matters: Ensure the safety of your equipment by being mindful of where you leave your trucks and trailers, especially in high-crime areas.

    • Lock Maintenance: Clean the area behind the lock and lock cradle with compressed air to prevent debris buildup, ensuring proper locking functionality.

    • Lubrication is Key: Routinely use WD40 to lubricate the friction area inside the lock's keyhole and the entire locking receptacle to prevent jamming.

    • Spring Replacement: The spring on the quick-release handle is a wearable part. Expect to replace it every 2 seasons for optimal performance.

    • Fading Paint: The paint on the racks may naturally fade over time. To extend the life of the paint, we recommend applying a clear coat of Rust-Oleum® and Krylon®'s Jungle Green spray paint for touch-ups.


    Ensure the correct fit of the blower into the backpack blower rack by installing it into the baseplate during setup and maintenance. Adjust the backplate vertically, paying close attention to the securing bar, which holds the rack securely in place. We provide both small and large securing bars for your customization.

    Regarding replacement parts, we offer a variety, including hinge pins, backplates, lock cradles (see full list below). Green Touch Industries commitment extends beyond our 6-month warranty, allowing quick and affordable replacement parts.


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