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Aluminum-Block Kit | Xtreme Pro Series | CX111 | CX112 | CX113

Aluminum-Block Kit | Xtreme Pro Series | CX111 | CX112 | CX113

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Aluminum-Block Kit

ITEM #: CX111 | CX112 | CX113

Xtreme Pro Series

ATTENTION: The aluminum block kits are available as a set, consisting of one (1) support side and one (1) locking side. Additionally, we offer the option to purchase individual halves of the kit—simply use the dropdown menu to select the specific half you need.

NOTE: Each (new) Trimmer Rack includes a corresponding number of Aluminum Blocks.

The Aluminum blocks are crafted from extruded aircraft aluminum, ensuring durability and strength far superior to cast aluminum counterparts.

  • Precision Engineering: Each full kit secures one (1) trimmer, providing a precise and snug fit for optimal security.
  • Lightweight Design: Engineered to be lightweight without compromising on robustness, ensuring ease of handling without compromising on strength.

More About Our Aluminum-Block Kits

  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-grade extruded aircraft aluminum, these blocks are engineered for longevity and sturdiness.
  • Perfect Fit: Each kit guarantees a precise fit for your trimmer, maintaining its position securely during transport or storage.
  • Versatile Use: Compatible with our Trimmer Rack series, these blocks offer versatility and adaptability for various landscaping equipment.

Enhance Your Equipment Security

Maintain your Trimmer Rack with our replacement high-quality Aluminum-Block Kits. Secure your trimmer with confidence and ensure it stays firmly in place, even during transport or rough terrain.

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