⛽ Fuel Cage FCL100 (Blackout Edition): Revolutionize Your Gas Can Organization - Restocking February 2024! ⚙️

🔥 Fuel Your Efficiency with FCL100 (Blackout Edition) - Restocking February 2024! 🔥

Get ready for a powerful upgrade to your fuel management system with our FCL100 (Blackout Edition) - the game-changer in gas can organization!

Restocking in February 2024, this fuel cage is a must-have for both open and enclosed trailers, trucks, and garages. Designed to fit most DOT-approved cans, including popular brands like SureCan and No Spill, our fuel cage stands out as the first of its kind on the market.

With features like cut-outs for easy filling without removing the can, a patented locking mechanism, automotive clear coating for added protection, and a shielded lock to prevent tampering, the FCL100 is the pinnacle of fuel security and convenience.

Key Features:

  • âś… Versatile Compatibility: Fits most DOT-approved gas cans, including SureCan and No Spill.
  • âś… Cut-Outs for Easy Filling: Fill your can and equipment without removing it from the rack (SureCan only).
  • âś… Patent-Designed Locking Mechanism: Shared with our Xtreme Pro Series Backpack Blower Rack & Trimmer Rack for ultimate security.
  • âś… Automotive Clear Coating: Additional protectant for powder coating, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • âś… Shielded Lock: Prevents lock tampering for enhanced security.
  • âś… Spring-Loaded, Vinyl-Coated Handle: Combines ease of use with durability.

Installation Made Easy:

  • Pick your desired location on the trailer rail.
  • Mark the location with the pre-drilled holes.
  • Drill two 10mm holes and secure the rack with large carriage bolts and nuts.
  • Stick the adhesive rubber pad to the base of the rack.
  • For enclosed trailers, secure the rack near a stud using the provided self-tapping screws. Mounting at waist height and closest to a door is suggested for optimal convenience.

Upgrade your fuel storage with the FCL100 (Blackout Edition) - where security meets innovation. Restocking in February 2024, this is your opportunity to revolutionize your gas can organization.

Don't miss out – pre-order yours now and experience a new level of efficiency!

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