Efficient Line Management: Installing Classic Series Line Spool Rack & Cutter Video

Precision Cuts, Tailored Efficiency

Elevate your line management with the Classic Series Line Spool Rack & Cutter, the ultimate tool for measuring, cutting, and spooling lines effortlessly!

Compatible with both open and enclosed trailers, as well as garage walls, this rack with a built-in cutter streamlines your landscaping tasks, saving valuable time and resources. With its ability to ensure precise line selection for each job, it's indispensable for any landscaping business, ensuring both efficiency and safety for you and your crew. Featuring a fast-action, never-dull cutter, it prevents wasted time searching for cutters and safeguards against lost or damaged spools.

The zinc-plated construction ensures durability, and it accommodates any 1 LB-5 LB spool for versatile usage!