Video Troubleshooting Guide: How to Prime Your Sprayer

Revive Performance, Masterful Spraying

Master the art of reviving an unresponsive sprayer with our comprehensive guide!

Learn two foolproof methods to prime your sprayer, ensuring optimal performance, especially after periods of inactivity like over the winter.

Method #1 entails meticulous steps, from removing the tank strainer and inlet filter to using compressed air or a hose to re-energize the system.

Alternatively, Method #2 involves a submerged hose in water to expel air bubbles, refilling the sprayer, and triggering the system. Remember, for both methods, the sprayer must be in the 'on' position while following these steps.

This video provides a step-by-step walkthrough to troubleshoot and restore your sprayer's functionality, ensuring seamless and efficient operation when it matters most!


Method #1

  1. Take off the lid of the sprayer and remove the tank strainer.
  2. Remove the inlet filter.
  3. Use a hose or compressed air (better) and direct it into the barb inside the tank. The sprayer needs to be turned on (to either "on" position).
  4. Put back the inlet filter, strainer basket, and tank lid.
  5. Test the sprayer to make sure it's working.

Method #2

  1. Remove the spray gun from the hose.
  2. Submerge the hose in a container of water until all air bubbles out of hose.
  3. Reattach the spray gun.
  4. Fill the sprayer partially (above the inlet filter).
  5. Squeeze the trigger while the sprayer is turned on (either "on" position).

***Remember, for both methods, the sprayer needs to be turned on while doing these steps (in either of the two "on" positions).

These methods can help make sure your sprayer is working properly, especially after a period of being unused, like over the winter.